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If you are a man who loves high speeds and gets everyone worried about when travelling, then this is your lucky day! Because you can now get rid of all the people who nag you with questions like "Did you arrive, dear?", "Where are you darling?" and "Why didn't you call me!".

Find a relief of all the journey worries by entrusting them to the software. It offers the feature to enter start and end point for every journey and will automatically calculate how long your journey will take, depending on your travel method - by car, by bicycle or walk. Once you arrive or the expected arrival time comes you will be presented with a reminder to change your route status. You can either mark that you have reached the destination or hit the snooze button in case you have been delayed.

The good thing is that everyone you have entered in advance receives a message about your status. This way your mother or fellow won't tease you but will only worry if you don't respond to the alerts sent to your iPhone.

However if you don't arrive on time and don't hit snooze, the application offers another feature. It alarms that there might be something going on with you because you have not arrived and you don't see your device. In that case SafeTravel sends emails and push notifications to a selected list of trusted friends, in which (without needless rush) it tells them there has been no contact with you. And that they should try to reach you. Under certain circumstances that could potentially save your life.

What do you need to do?

Enter your route. Take your iPhone with you. If you are late we will remind you to adjust the arrival time. In case you do not respond within 15 minutes SafeTravel will alert your friends over email or with push notifications. When you arrive safely it will aid you in contacting your beloved ones to tell them you have reached your destination.


Supported devices: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4

iOS 4.0 or higher required

Multitasking support, significant location changes and fast app switching are not available on iPhone 3G, due to iOS 4 limitations.

The application has been developed by Kupon Bg Ltd.
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